Business Accounting

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Your bookwork simplified


Let’s look at ways to improve your accounting processes and remove the nasty surprises that hurt cash-flow and hamper business growth. We’ll ensure that all of your business’ tax filing obligations are met, so you can focus on the things you’re good at (and no doubt find more enjoyable).





 Fees agreed in advance


Budgeting and planning is important for any business, and uncertainty makes this process more difficult. So, let’s remove that uncertainty, at least between us. We will provide an estimate of the cost prior to undertaking any work for you. This could be a one-off activity, such as a business valuation or cash-flow forecast. Or it could be a fixed monthly fee for regular services that we both agree to. Either way, you will have input and full visibility.




Here are some of our services that could help out your business:


  • Prepare annual financial statements to meet your relevant taxation and statutory requirements
  • Prepare and file income tax returns
  • Advise of up-coming tax payments, and calculate likely future tax payments to assist with planning
  • Communicate on your behalf with the Inland Revenue Department. We haven’t met too many people who enjoy their prolonged hold music
  • Complete and file GST returns
  • Complete and file Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) returns
  • Prepare regular management reports to measure performance and assist with decision making
  • Preparing a budget
  • Prepare cash-flow forecasts and financial projections
  • Provide advice relating to the sale or purchase of a business
  • Work with you to identify your goals and create a business strategy to align with those goals
Let’s have a chat over a drink and see what solutions work best for your business.